helmikuu 19, 2014
Stefania Passera

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Demo & paper presentation ”Making the meaning of contracts visible – Automating contract visualization”

Stefania Passera presented the paper ”Making the meaning of contracts visible – Automating contract visualization” at the IRIS Conference on Legal Informatics 2014, in Salzburg. The work was also shortlisted for the LexisNexis Best Paper Award, and placed among the Top 10 papers presented at the conference.

The paper, co-authored by Passera, Haapio and Curtotti, presents three demos of tools to automatically generate visualizations of selected contract clauses. Our early prototypes include common types of term and termination, payment and liquidated damages clauses. These examples provide proof-of-concept demonstration tools that help contract writers present content in a way readers pay attention to and understand. These results point to the possibility of document assembly engines compiling an entirely new genre of contracts, more user-friendly and transparent for readers and not too challenging to produce for lawyers.

Check out the presentation below, and check the demos here